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Vertical integration as a motor for growth

At Willy Naessens Group, vertical integration has been central to the growth model for many years. There is no denying it, vertical integration has led to enormous growth in recent years. Trend magazine Knack published the ranking of the twenty largest contractors in Belgium for 2022, in which Willy Naessens Group takes 7th place.

With a remarkable growth of 72% compared to 2016, Willy Naessens Group is the 2nd strongest grower in the ranking. In 2020, the Willy Naessens Group realised a consolidated turnover of 503 million euros. The Group owes this to the key word: vertical integration. Vertical integration is carried out throughout the entire company. The Willy Naessens Group has its own engineering department, its own production of prefab concrete elements (with 11 own concrete factories), its own assembly, its own transport, its own roofing company, its own aluminium joinery, its own earthworks department, its own engineering department, its own ... The recent takeovers of FB Groupe, a manufacturer of concrete slabs in both pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, and Groeninghe Transport, container transport in the Benelux, Germany and France, are fully in line with the vision of vertical integration.

A second important key word for the Willy Naessens Group is diversification. Thanks to the participation in Franky Fresh Food in 2007 and further expansions, the Group is now also an established player in the food industry. But here too, the first key word is vertical integration. Willy Naessens Group has its own production sites and distribution centres. These are responsible for the delivery and experience of its own house brand, Bourgon, as well as prepared meals from Marblo all over Belgium.

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