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Our experts have gained their knowledge through years of experience. They are happy to share it with you. Let them assist you on all essential building aspects.
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Your construction permit

Problems regarding the space you want to build on are not easy to solve. Different factors influence your final decision. A first move could be to draw up a set of requirements that your space must meet considering all requirements, a cost analysis can be made to show you the different options. If you choose to build a new structure, your project is subject to a building permit. If your project requires an urban development permit, the cooperation of an architect is mandatory. In Romania the average response time from local authorities for the building permit applications is 270 days. Our architects and engineers are ready to prepare the full building permit documentation for you and speed up the process.

Energy-saving and sustainable construction

Building sustainable is building for the future.  It means thinking about possibilities that are not yet imposed or necessary today.  Our objective is to limit heat losses in every project by using all kinds of innovative techniques and methods.  

Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings profiles itself as an environmentally conscious construction company by:

  • working with sustainable structural materials; 
  • limiting the use of finishing materials;
  • choosing materials according to their lifespan;
  • taking environmental aspects into account.

With each project, we limit heat losses using innovative techniques and methods such as:

  • a windproof construction: no uncontrolled ventilation;
  • maintaining a low overall insulation level;
  • optimizing the façade in function of daylight and summer comfort.


Fire protection is an important aspect of the construction process. It requires a great deal of knowledge, energy and responsibility. We would be pleased to guide you through this subject. Building in concrete offers many advantages when it comes to fire protection. A concrete frame has considerable fire resistance even without expensive and maintenance-intensive treatment. Fire spread to other compartments or adjacent buildings is easily avoided.

Discharge of smoke and heat

Smoke and heat discharge systems allow extreme heat and toxic flue gases to escape through the roof and create smoke-free areas. That is often necessary to ensure a safe and rapid evacuation in the event of fire, while still protecting the construction by limiting its temperature.

If a SHEV system is applicable, we can provide cut-outs in the prefabricated roof elements for smoke shutters where necessary, without jeopardising the overall stability. Concrete frames have an additional use of serving as smoke screens. In most cases, an expensive, external smoke screen can therefore be avoided.

PEB requirements: not your concern

Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings keeps a close eye on the ever stricter PEB requirements. We adjust our systems annually, so that you, as client, can sleep soundly. Our prefabricated insulated wall elements achieve effortlessly a U-value of 0.223 W/m² x K. Therefore, the U-value is well below the standard. With a thicker insulation package, they achieve even lower U-values. Insulating joints between the panels avoid local thermal bridges and ensure air-tightness. The insulating package continues at the corners of the building. Roofs in our prefabricated construction systems achieve effortlessly a U-value of 0.240 W/m² x K.

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