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Industrial construction refers to all structures that are constructed for non-residential use. Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings is therefore synonymous with custom-made. We bring to life your custom-made project in a sustainable, efficient and safe way.


A multipurpose space
'Time is money' in the logistic industry. For the construction of a distribution centre, Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings starts from a thorough project study. We produce all structural components in-house, which results in a short schedule. Result? We have already finished logistic centres at the speed of light!
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Qualitative and ecological
Precast concrete offers numerous advantages for the construction of production units and workshops. In addition to the price-quality ratio and fire safety, the material is also durable and environmentally friendly.
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Our experience is your lead
Shopping centres, showrooms... Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings is well versed in the retail sector. We act as a real construction partner with advice and guidance. Together, we think about the best possible construction method.
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A matter of appearance
Your building is the image of your company. Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings offers SME custom-made precast concrete structures, based on tested building systems. Our architects know how to play around with concrete to reflect the best image of your company.
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Modular and functional
The food sector has to meet numerous regulations, including those relating to buildings. Willy Naessens Group has a number of food companies under its umbrella.  We use the knowledge, acquired by our own production and distribution companies, to design the best possible building for you.
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Trendy or traditional
Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings has completed over 8,500 project and most of them are offices. As a client, you can choose for a traditional looking or trendy looking building. Either way, we provide a custom-made building.
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Sports & leisure

Expertise on 'a large scale'
Stadiums, sports facilities, grandstands... Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings has also earned its respect in the world of sport. The price-quality ratio and the modern look of the sports facilities made of precast concrete are the decisive factors.
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Car parks

Capacity and profitability
Flexible parking facilities with maximum use of the available space, that's the approach when Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings designs and builds a car park. As always, your requirements are our starting point and objective.
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School buildings

Invest in the future
Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings helps developing school buildings focusing on the needs of the students and the future. A sustainable structure and a healthy indoor climate are high on the list of priorities.
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Construction plans?

We are happy to help you with all your questions and also with cost estimations. Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities. 

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