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Today in the cross-dock centre, tomorrow in your hands?

More and more logistics companies are opting for a cross-dock centre. It is not a new process, but the question does arise more often. Think in particular of the sharp increase in parcel deliveries. These parcels often come directly from a cross-dock centre. 

Cross-docking is a process in which incoming goods are loaded directly onto outgoing transport when they are unloaded, without being stored in between. So on the one hand, the large trucks deliver all the goods on pallets and on the other hand, the outgoing, small vans leave with parcels. One of the biggest advantages of this is that much more speed can be applied in the process. The products remain in motion, as it were.

A rectangular building is generally used for this logistic process. The building serves to transport the goods from one vehicle to another.

Your online order therefore often comes from a cross-dock centre built by Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings. Several of these have already been realised recently. Very recently, we were also awarded the contract to build a state-of-the-art cross-dock in Vilvoorde along the Brussels ring road for DPD.

They are often located around the cities to cover the last mile from there. Logistics service provider Mainfreight also opted for a cross-dock centre in Zwijnaarde. This building gave Mainfreight the opportunity to set up efficient distribution from a top location. We also built one in Genk for them, but also for DHL, DPD, Tailormade Logistics and Post NL.