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Willy Naessens Group is a finalist for Enterprise of the Year 2023!

Will Willy Naessens win the Enterprise of the Year trophy on December 5, 2023?

For 29 years, the Enterprise of the Year® award has honored unique Belgian companies that demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and successful management. This year, EY is only too happy to put Belgian entrepreneurs - Willy Naessens Group in particular - in the spotlight. Over the past year, energy prices and inflation have put many companies under pressure and faced challenges. The finalists are the best proof that doing business with courage and imagination in Belgium still pays off and inspires. Four finalists stand a chance of winning this exclusive award; including Willy Naessens Group.

Family business culture

As pater familias, Willy Naessens still watches over the long-term strategy and continuity of the corporate group after 60 years. The presence of three active generations also ensures a unique family culture and company DNA. Today present in seven countries and active in no less than five different business lines, the group wants to continue its commitment to innovation and research with a particular focus on sustainability, circularity and digitalization.

Whether we will be able to receive this award? We will know on December 5, 2023. Fingers crossed!

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